Nicole Dee
Nicole DeeFemale / Single
San Luis Potosi, United States

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About Me

Well, I'm 27 and I'm still living with my parents in Overland Park. I have an art history degree from a night school. My cat just died. I've lost 25% control of my sphincter muscles. I get a clicking sound in my jaw when I eat, I drive a 91 dodge neon, I have ovarian cysts. Sometimes I pee the bed still. I have alopecia. The only man who wants to fuck me is my 48 year-old manager at Pizza Street, P.S., he only has one ball. So I guess... better than you.

Cute and quirky

Excuse me ladies, my friend Tanner and I were looking to round up some folks for a game of Red Rover, and/or Duck, Duck, Goose. Does that sound like something any of you might be interested in?

My Details

  • Last OnlineOnline Now!
  • SeekingMale
  • Want childrenUndecided/Open
  • Looking forDating
  • Have childrenNo
  • Hair colorBrown
  • SmokeOccasionally
  • Body typeAthletic
  • DrinkOccasionally
  • EducationHigh school
  • ReligionNon-religious
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Have petsNo Pets
  • Have petsNo Pets
  • Second languagePortuguese
  • PersonalityChef
  • ProfessionModel
  • AmbitiousVery Ambitious
  • Best describeI want a relationship.
  • Longest relationshipOver 2 year
  • Income35,001 to 50,000
  • Father motherStill Married
  • Interestmodeling, fashion, acting

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